4 August 2016

Statistics in economy (with R/Gretl)


'At this point, I'll ask all of you to follow me to the conference room directly below us!'


Course description

This course is dedicated to all those who want to apply statistical methods for economical data.

It has two versions: one in R and one in Gretl, depending n you interest

Since it contains the examples in R/Gretl some knowledge of R/Gretl is required. Therefore an introduction to R/Gretl is provided.


Course content:

  • What is R/Gretl? (short introduction to R/Gretl: reading the data, simple data manipulation, graphics)
  • Visualising data methods
  • Regression models
  • Non-parametric methods
  • Time series analysis (ARiMA, ARMA, GARCH, etc.)
  • Forecasting
  • Monte Carlo simulations








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